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Licensing Fees

Type of Fee

Regular Fee

Fee if Spayed
or Neutered

One year license



Two year license



Three year license



Penalty / late fee



Replacement tag fee



Senior citizen* 1 yr license



Senior citizen* 2 yr license               $37                  $18
Senior citizen* 3 yr license         $55                  $27
Guide / hearing / law enforcement dogs**

no fee

no fee

Citation clearing fee



Transfer fee from another California county

(+ $40¹)

¹Late fee if not transferred within 30 days of moving into Contra Costa County

Transfer fee between owners

(+ $40²)

²Late fee if not transferred within 30 days of
ownership change

* Must provide proof of age 65 or over; one dog per household
** Upon proof of working dog status (See County Animal Control Ordinance 80-97, Chapter 416-6.004, Exemptions.)

Note: There are no refunds once a license is issued, and there are no pro-rated license fees.

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